— Robert L. Read, PhD, Founder, Public Invention

— Joshua M. Pearce, John M. Thompson Chair in Information Technology and Innovation, Thompson Centre for Engineering Leadership & Innovation Ivey Business School, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Western University

— Avinash Baskaran, PhD candidate, Robotics, Auburn University

— Megan Cadena…

— Robert L. Read, Diego Aspinwall, and Neil Martis

Example of geotags using geotagtext

Geotagtext is a web application made by Public Invention volunteers that allows users to geographically mark, or geotag, places and things that are important to them with a browser running on a smartphone or larger computer. Users simply create their own…

— Robert L. Read, January 2021

In 2020 something happened that we had been warned about: the COVID-19 pandemic scourged the whole planet. …

— Ben Coombs (guest blogger for Public Invention)

As to diseases, make a habit of two things — to help, or at least to do no harm. — written by Hippocrates in Epidemics.

A Diagram of Major Humanitarian Engineering Efforts (Link allows zooming)

Early in 2020 the alarm bells rang…

Thursday, May 21st, Public Invention will host a short, free virtual conference about open source pandemic ventilators and the world-wide effort to prevent shortfalls and save lives. HelpfulEngineering and Make Magazine are co-hosting it; we have a great set of speakers giving 15-minute talks on a 3.5 hour schedule. I…

— by Robert L. Read, Jenny Filipetti

This article is meant to be read by the engineers and NGOs communally attempting to address the world-wide shortfall of ventilators caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, or those facing similar future emergency scenarios.

In the last month the engineering community as a whole…

Rob Giseburt’s “Air Drive” smart ventilator module

Rob Giseburt, with the support of his firm Ten Mile Square, has published two long, informative, and extremely important blog posts (part 1 and part 2.) Public Invention has added “The Pressurizer” at the top of our spreadsheet of open-source ventilators and modules on the tab called “Drives”.

In a…

A Universal Model of Ventilators

— Dr Erich Schulz, MBBS, FANZCA and Robert L. Read, PhD

For about the last six weeks, engineers have been scrambling to design ventilators that can be produced quickly in huge numbers to address an anticipated shortfall. At the same time, major manufactures have ramped up production and formed partnerships…

— Alex Izvorski and Robert L. Read

Alex’s test lung set up

Teams building and testing ventilators for COVID-19 need to have “test lungs”. The term “test lung” sometimes means a physical air-tight container with sophisticated instrumentation added, but here we mean just the physical container without the instruments. A test lung is a simulator…

— Robert L. Read and Nariman Poushin

The Corovamp abstract ventilator model.


In just the last four weeks, thousands of engineers have self-organized around the problem of designing, testing, manufacturing and deploying ventilators to address a present and possibly worsening shortfall of mechanical ventilators required by the unusually virulent and transmissive COVID-19 pandemic.

An even…

Robert L. Read

Public Inventor. Founder of Public Invention. Co-founder of @18F. Presidential Innovation Fellow. Agilist. PhD Comp. Sci. Amateur mathematician.

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