Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day: A Fun Chance to Promote Your Organization


How we Do It


“Story of an Engineer”

“Solar Power Station”

“Petrifilm Inoculation”

“Soil Moisture”

“The Armadillo”

“Arduino Programming”

“Sawyer Water Filter (Future Idea)”

“Sand Filter”

Tips and Tricks

  • At a large event, signage is very helpful. Home-made signs are fine, but you have to be prepared to secure them against wind in outside settings.
  • Flyers for parents to read later is a great recruitment tool which doesn’t interfere with the children’s experience.
  • In a long event with hundreds of girls at your table, your volunteers will get tired! You may wish to provide your own refreshment.
  • Make sure you have adequate electrical power for any activities that require it.

A Checklist of Preparation

  • Register in January as soon as the information is posted.
  • Communicate to your organization and get commitments for 12 volunteers in two shifts.
  • Plan the substations.
  • Plan transport of equipment to the table. Generally you can drive within 200 meters of the table, but some of our equipment (e.g., the solar panel) are bulky and best carried by two people, and there may not be parking available close by.
  • Try to get an electrical outlet for our computers, or have several computers with sufficient battery life.
  • Make sure each volunteer watches the safety video required by the Girl Day Organization.
  • Plan several reminders for each volunteer to improve participation.
  • Plan to have someone take lots of cute pictures!
  • Plan tear-down.
  • Collect and exchange phone numbers of critical personnel for on-the-spot communication.
  • Have organization flyers ready to give to parents.
  • Bring duct tape for securing things under windy conditions.
  • Bring string and cordage to attach our sign and secure other objects.
  • Be prepared for rain (generally covering will be provided by Girl Day.)
  • Encourage everyone to get and wear their free Girl-Day Volunteer T-Shirt to identify them as volunteers.
  • Girl Day often provide free pizza and their are food trucks available, but those with special dietary needs should bring their own food.
  • Make sure to bring the vinyl “EWB-USA Banner”, our “Tri-Fold”, and the vinyl “Story of an Engineer” banners.




Public Inventor. Founder of Public Invention. Co-founder of @18F. Presidential Innovation Fellow. Agilist. PhD Comp. Sci. Amateur mathematician.

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Robert L. Read

Robert L. Read

Public Inventor. Founder of Public Invention. Co-founder of @18F. Presidential Innovation Fellow. Agilist. PhD Comp. Sci. Amateur mathematician.

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